Information Asset Owner (IAO)

This is a senior member of staff who is responsible for an information asset, understands the value of that information and the risks associated with it.

The IAOs will be identified by the SIRO (if you need advice on this please contact your DPO) – in smaller schools it will often be the Head Teacher for the vast majority of information assets so the roles of SIRO and IAO become joint.

IAOs responsible for:

  • Ensuring the security and maintenance of their information assets. This includes ensuring other members of staff are using the information responsibly and safely
  • Determining the retention period for the asset
  • Ensuring the information is securely destroyed in accordance with this period – this will be detailed in the IRMS toolkit for schools. Where there is not a statutory retention period, this may mean the school is at liberty to determine its own retention period (if you need advice on this please contact your DPO)
  • Determine the levels of access needed for the asset and who should be allowed what level of access
  • Ensure deletion of user accounts when the member of staff leaves the school

As with the SIRO role, in a primary school this is most likely to be the Head Teacher, however in a large college or academy this could be a Deputy Head or the Head of department, such as a discipline or Finance/HR etc.